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  • You are a small to medium-sized non-profit
  • You know your organisation is doing good work
  • You know there are a number of funding options
  • But you don’t know which is right for you
    or how to access them
    or where to start
  • I see your organisation’s value and impact
  • I see your potential
  • And want to help you plan for what’s ahead
  • I want to use my experience in
    - Fundraising strategy
    - Social entrepreneurship management
    - Corporate social investment
    - Event planning
    - Project development
    - Advocacy and lobbying for non-profits
  • To help you create a feasible, forward-thinking and FUN plan that helps your organisation reach its goals
  • We work together to realise your immediate needs
  • We review your stakeholder engagement
  • We look at new and innovative ways of sharing the successes and value of your organisation
  • We develop a plan with incremental steps to expand your fundraising strategy
  • Once the plan has movement we begin to see where there is added sustainability and potential scalability